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Why Winter Is A Great Time For Apartment Hunting

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Winter is often associated with cozying up indoors, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, and enjoying the festive season. But did you know that it’s also a fantastic time to consider renting an apartment? While many people might think summer is the ideal season for apartment hunting, there are several reasons why winter can actually be a great time to …

Staying Warm in Your Apartment This Winter

Staying Warm in Your Apartment This Winter

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Brrr! Winter is here, and if you’re like me, your rented apartment might be feeling a bit chilly. Here are some tried-and-true tips to transform your space into a warm and toasty haven without breaking the bank. 1. Seal the Leaks Your windows and doors might be the sneakiest culprits when it comes to letting in the cold. Grab some …

Heating Your Apartment Without Running Up The Bill

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There are many reasons to love winter, but there are reasons to dislike it too. Your heating bill probably ranks high on that list. While keeping your apartment cozy is important, those costs can really pile up when you’re blasting your heat on high. From managing your thermostat to purchasing rugs for cold floors, here are tips on heating your …

How To Deal With Heavy Snowfall

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We all know those moments in Christmas movies. The ones where the actor swings open their arms, sticks their tongue out, and catches snow flakes while spinning in slow motion. Thick, fluffy snow can be romantic. We get it. Heavy snow can provide snotty noses, sweaty layered clothing, and sore muscles too. The total opposite of romantic. Let us help …

Wisconsin Winter Moving Tips

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6 more weeks of Winter?  Why does a groundhog get to make the rules?  Looks like some of us will be moving in weather that Wisconsinites know far too well. We offered 3 steps to Declutter your apartment for Spring, last year. So, the least we can do is offer 3 tips and encouragement, that will make your move to …