How To Deal With Heavy Snowfall

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We all know those moments in Christmas movies. The ones where the actor swings open their arms, sticks their tongue out, and catches snow flakes while spinning in slow motion. Thick, fluffy snow can be romantic. We get it. Heavy snow can provide snotty noses, sweaty layered clothing, and sore muscles too. The total opposite of romantic. Let us help make your numb fingertips, snow inside your socks version of winter a little bit easier. Check out our winter hacks for dealing with heavy snowfall below.

1. Supplies

Have you ever left a store and all of a sudden it’s pouring down rain? There you are, standing in flip flops with a cart full of groceries, considering just making a run for it. Even though that is an inconvenience, it’s not a big safety concern. Leaving a store to find 3 inches of snow in freezing tempertures, THAT is what we call a safety concern. In that case, making sure you have an ice scraper and gloves is priority number one. From early November until the end of March is a good time frame to keep an ice scraper on-hand. If you want to get fancy try one of these heated ice scrapers from Sharper Image.

Snow shoveling can be a great workout or a big headache. Picking a solid shovel is more important than it seems. Best practices for shoveling snow should be centered around how much you can safely move and lift. We’ve tried these strain resisting shovels at several of our communities and the snow shovelers love them!

Of course, the fastest solution for snow removal is to purchase a snow blower. There is a wide variety ranging in price, size, and preference. For areas like decks or patios, an electric or battery operated snow blower may be all you need. Gas powered snow blowers are nice for clearing larger areas like driveways, long sidewalks, and further distances.

2. Planning

Whether you live in a house or an apartment you still need to prepare for a heavy snowfall. Your first thought should be transportation. How quickly and easily will you be able to move your vehicle to go to work, for instance.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage you’ll want to make sure you can clear the driveway. Several of our communities offer personal garages and underground parking included. Residents never have to worry about winter clean up. Our plow truck company is set to clear snow once it reaches 2 inches. That being said, what if your property complex does not offer snow removal? Then it’s time to arrange your schedule and get ready to shovel or snow blow.

Is underground parking included at your apartment community? If so, make sure your property manager discusses the snow plow companies schedule with you. It’s important to know when the pathway will be cleared and safe for driving.

In addition to covered parking options, those parking outside must also figure out the best location for their vehicle. For example, an apartment community with a plow service will create a parking map and schedule. Essentially, the map is a plan for where vehicles should be parked while it’s snowing and where they should be moved for clean up. Touch base with your landlord to make sure you have these details around late Fall.

3. Tips and Tricks

Snow is shoveled, driveway is clean, but your door handle is frozen and won’t budge. Aside from pulling as hard as possible and trying not to slip or fall, try WD-40. Spray the car door lock and voila! Old Man Winter – 0. You – 1.

Ice scrapers can only do so much with a hard layer of ice on your windhsield. If you’re running late and can’t wait for the car to warm up, try vinegar. In a spray bottle, mix 1/3 part water and 2/3 part vinegar for a perfect ice melting solution. Spray it all over the windshield and windows of your car, but be careful not to get any on yourself. Driving around in a warm car with a sour smell is almost worse than being late.

Salt can be found at all entrances to the buildings of each one of our properties. Why? Being able to immediately melt away hidden ice sheets is extremely important to us. Salt should be in a covered container with a cup or hand shovel to toss on slippery areas whenever needed. While salt is a great deicing option, it can be harmful to plants and surrounding grass. It can also damage concrete fairly quickly. Avoid these problems by being careful of where you throw salt and how much salt you’re using.

By putting these tips and tricks into action, you’ll be cruising through winter without concern! Always remember to check the weather frequently and be thoughtful of your neighbors by moving your vehicle according to the plow schedule. Lastly, all of our properties offer discounts on rent for residents interested in snow shoveling, snow blowing, salting, and more. We even provide the supplies! So if you’re looking to make some extra money or just simply love snow clean up, reach out to your property manager today!!