Heating Your Apartment Without Running Up The Bill

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There are many reasons to love winter, but there are reasons to dislike it too. Your heating bill probably ranks high on that list. While keeping your apartment cozy is important, those costs can really pile up when you’re blasting your heat on high.

From managing your thermostat to purchasing rugs for cold floors, here are tips on heating your apartment without running up the bill.

1. Clean Your Air Filters

Throughout the year the filters in your heating system can get clogged with dust and other household grime. This forces the heat setting to work harder to push warm air through the filter. Keeping your filters clean will allow the heating unit to run more efficiently, thus saving you money. Don’t know where to locate your filters or how to clean them? Have no fear! We’ve created a video tutorial to help. “How to clean the filters of your heating and cooling unit.”

2. Add Rugs

If you have tile, hardwood, or vinyl floors in your apartment consider stocking up on a few rugs. Additional rugs can really help if your carpet is a bit on the thin side, as well. 

Something you may not have considered is stitch count. The stitch count of the rug you’re purchasing is more important than just the overall thickness. Stitch count tends to insulate the best.

Adding a pad underneathe your rug can double the insulation you receive too, plus it makes for a much more cushioned experience. 

3. Avoid Space Heaters

Sometimes the only way to beat the cold is to turn up the heat. Unfortunately, space heaters are typically pretty inefficient heating sources since they require a ton of electricity to heat a small amount of square footage.

4. Manage Your Thermostat

Do not turn off your heat when you leave your home. It will cost twice as much and take twice as long to get warm if you wait until you get home to crank up the dial. Leaving your heater running a few degrees lower than you are comfortable when you are gone for the day is the most cost effective way to manage your apartments temperature. Once you return home, bump it up to the temp your prefer.

5. Bundle Up

Winter isn’t the best time to live in your shorts and tshirt, at least not here in Wisconsin. If that’s your go-to outfit for comfort at home, you may have to pay a little more to keep the heat higher. We suggest creating a happy medium. Turn the thermostat up to a comfortable setting and wear cozier pj’s with thick socks or slippers. Winter is the perfect time to bundle up in a soft blanket or oversized robe, as well.

You can also keep yourself toasty at night by fluffing up your bedding with thicker duvet covers or comforters.

As the days get shorter and the cold sets in, biting the bullet and paying the extra heating costs can seem like a good idea. We’re glad you stopped by to research better, more cost-effective ways to save money and live comfortably throughout our brutal Wisconsin winters.