Apartment Layouts: Loft Style

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Renters will rarely find housing as chic and unique as the loft style apartment. With its adaptable layout and edgy feel, the loft is both modern and homey. Ideal for those looking in the greater Milwaukee area, this floor plan is offered in most of our communities. So we won’t even try to pretend like we’re not biased. Check out why loft living is one of our favorites below.


These versatile open spaces feel much more like a town home than an apartment. Being welcomed by 10′-15′ cathedral ceilings is an impressive way to say hello. The first floor typically includes the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Bedroom and bathroom are found on the second floor or upper area. This is where the “loft” portion comes into play. The lofted bedroom usually has a half-wall, open to the downstairs. Renters are able to enjoy a beautiful¬† skylight tucked into the vaulted ceiling, while overlooking to the rest of the apartment. Pretty cool, huh?


The high ceilings, skylights, and large sliding glass doors of a loft let in an extravagant amount of natural light. With less barriers, light is able to flow through the space more easily. This gives the impression of living in a much bigger space than the square footage would suggest.


Living in a loft apartment allows renters to get away with decorating tricks that those in traditional floor plans could only dream of. Those tall walls are just screaming to be covered in funky artwork or antique frames and mirrors. We’ve even seen a deer hunting stand! (Wisconsin residents are the best residents, that’s for sure.) Proof that a loft is the perfect foundation for showcasing any unique style with endless possibilities.

Our loft-style residents receive more complements on their apartment home than any other. There’s something about the loft floor plan that feels refined, relaxed in a way that no traditional apartment possibly could. We encourage any renter who is looking for a fun and practical place to live to check out any one of our beautiful communities to tour a loft floor plan for yourself!