5 Tips for Getting Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

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The holidays are almost here! Along with holiday cheer comes the flood of packages bound to wind up at your door or communities mail room. The convenience of ordering online can’t be beat, but receiving packages when you’re an apartment renter can be a headache. Thankfully, there are tips you can use to help make the process much smoother and stress-free.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting packages delivered to your apartment…

Community Storage or Mail Room

If you live in an apartment community that offers a package delivery storage room, use it! This is a space where we keep your packages until you arrive home to collect them. Delivery drivers typically have access to this room through management.

It’s extremely convenient and makes for a seemless package delivery option!

Delivery Alerts

The fastest way to track your package in real time, is by signing up for alerts. Most shipping companies offer text or email alerts letting you know where your package is or when it’s being delivered. This option will allow you to atleast know the date and time frame of delivery, so you may be able to be home.

During checkout, Amazon offers a scheduled day for delivery. If you know you’ll be home a certain day of the week, try getting your packages all delivered on that scheduled date.

“Hold for Pick-up” Option

This is available via USPS and FedEx. Simply have the item held at your local post office or nearest FedEx location where you can pick it up within the specified amount of time.

Pick Another Location

Direct your deliveries somewhere else where you know they’ll be secure until you pick them up.

Friends with any neighbors? Perhaps they’re home and available when you’re not? If you’re comfortable with your coworkers knowing what you’re receiving, consider having your packages shipped to your office. What are friends and family for, if not to help when in a bind, right? If you’ve got family or friends who live nearby, try asking them if it’s okay to send your deliveries to their door, at least for the holiday season.

Ship to the Retail Location

When checking out, request the item(s) be shipped to the retailer’s nearest store for pick-up. Most retailers do not charge a fee for shipping to one of their locations. Plus, they usually hold your package for 3-5 days until you’re able to make it into the store.

We hope you enjoy each and every present that arrives at your door this holiday season. Happy shopping!