5 Tips To Leaving Your Apartment For Vacation

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Spring and Summer are almost here! That means your vacation may be right around the corner too. The excitement of time off work and shopping for vacation essentials make it easy to forget about returning from vacation. Coming home to chaos is the last thing anyone wants after a stress-free trip. So, take care of these quick tasks before leaving your apartment for vacation and you’ll rest easy while you’re away.

1. Notify Your Property Manager or Landlord

This is oftentimes a missed step. Alerting your Landlord that you are going on vacation is important for many reasons. First, in case there are any planned inspections that you are unaware of currently. The majority of communities perform annual maintenance inspections, for example. If you are planning on being away for a week or longer, you may not have been notified of an upcoming inspection yet.

Another reason to alert your Landlord is to ensure your packages are not stacking up outside of your apartment door. This can highlight that you are away and may open you up to becoming a victim of package stealing.

2. Housekeeping Items

Before leaving your apartment, remember to take care of minor cleaning items. This goes beyond just coming home to a fresh smelling apartment. You’ll be thrilled you avoided bugs, bacteria, and rotten smells when you get back. Clear out any food that could spoil while you’re away, take out the trash, wash dirty dishes, and sanitize your bathroom before you head out.

The only thing you should have to take care of when you get back is vacation laundry. Wouldn’t that be nice?

3. Parking

Road trip with your car? Then you can disregard this tip, but if you’re keeping your vehicle on-site, there are a few questions to answer. If your community has assigned a parking spot, underground parking or personal garage to you, you should park your car in that space. Otherwise, contact your property manager or Landlord and ask where is the best place to park your vehicle during your time away. They may have the perfect spot!

If you’re only option is to park on the street near your community, we have tips for you too! Remove any valuables from your vehicle ahead of time. Roll up all your windows, lock your doors and make sure your car is parked in a well lit area. It’s always a good idea to leave a spare key with a local friend or family member just in case, as well.

4. Electronics 

Save energy and money by unplugging some electronics before you leave. There are some exceptions! Do not unplug your refrigerator or turn off all of your breakers. The last thing you’ll want is to come home to appliances that aren’t working when you plug them back in. Even worse, having entire rooms that don’t have power because the breaker needs replaced.

5. Have fun!

The beauty of renting is skipping all the stresses of home ownership. There are tons of extra things you avoid just by living in an apartment home. Woo hoo! Let your community team handle the landscaping, maintenance, snow shoveling, and package collection. You just go have fun!

By following these easy tips before leaving your apartment for vacation, you can home happy and worry-free!