Moving Task List

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Have you ever met someone who said they just LOVE moving?

We would guess that answer to be a big, fat NO and that’s not a surprise. Moving can come with a lot of stress and tons of unknowns that seem endless. How does a person remember all of those pesky details, scheduling conflicts, and other moving parts? Enter, our handy-dandy “Moving Task List” to help lighten your load for the big move. Yes, we said, “handy-dandy”, like Steve’s notebook in Blues Clues, and we are not ashamed of it.

First things first, change your address – luckily, you can do most of this online now! Visit the USPS website, DMV website, and all the places you have accounts open.
Utilities & Cable/Internet – 
  • remember to schedule your utilities to start and stop on the days you are moving-in and moving-out, at BOTH addresses.
  • don’t forget to schedule ahead of time, a transfer of service or new service installation, with your cable and internet provider. They often schedule these appointments a week or so out and, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the type of person who wouldn’t want to spend that long waiting for wifi. We certainly wouldn’t…#millennialproblems
Free Moving Boxes – 
paying for moving boxes just feel wrong. Avoid the extra expense by checking out these free options first:

  • Facebook Marketplace – simply type “boxes”, “moving boxes”, or “cardboard boxes” in the search bar and viola, FREE BOXES!
  • Craigslist – search under the free section and like Facebook, type one of the above in the search bar. *Extra Tip* searching at the end/beginning of the week will yield the most results.
  • Office Depot – printer paper has to be delivered in something. Give your local store a call and check their delivery day, you may collect all the boxes you need in one trip!
  • Other retail stores – use the tip for Office Depot at any big box retailer in your area. Typically, they just break down boxes from deliveries and recycle them. So don’t be scared, it’s a question they are used to being asked.
Rent a Moving Truck – it’s not a common thing you do, so let the experience of others guide you.

  • If you’re moving into an apartment, ask your Landlord or Property Manager, if they have any companies they recommend.
  • Search online reviews for the companies you’re considering.
  • Task Rabbit – a unique, SUPER helpful website and app that offers moving services and packing/unpacking services. Heck, you can even have them help you put your Ikea furniture together! Check them out here – Task Rabbit Help Moving
  • If your large furniture is new and being delivered by a furniture store or if you don’t have a ton of large furniture, to begin with – consider renting a truck from Home Depot or Menards. You can also rent Penske moving trucks from Home Depot. Oh, the options!
Packing –
  • Pack-up rooms that you use the least, in advance. Set aside cleaning supplies, toilet paper and a few bottles of water to take in the car with you, to the new place.
  • Label all of your moving boxes according to the room they will go in. Tell the movers to look for those labels, and to place them in the room specified. (you would be surprised how often this is disregarded if not specifically requested)
Order Pizza & have Beverages on hand (beer, presumably, if you’re a Wisconsinite) –
  • if your moving crew is family and friends, this will be a greatly appreciated gesture and will probably keep them around until the bitter end.
  • if you’re using movers, offer water or soda.
Clean (if applicable) – as soon as you’ve emptied your old apartment, start cleaning it! The excitement and “freshness” of your new apartment will make the moving mess of your old place feel 10 times worse. If you put this off for the next day or two, you will be less likely to do a thorough job and it could cost you in your security deposit return.
Complete your Move Out Inspection (if applicable) – walk your old place with the manager and discuss items that, usually, folks think about too late. Consider these:

  • When can I expect to receive my security deposit check?
  • If there are any charges taken from my security deposit, will they be listed in a letter sent to my forwarding address?
  • What happens with potential mail that may end up still coming to this address?
Decorate & Celebrate in your New Digs! – 
  • It’s officially time to make your new place feel like home! Kick it off by unpacking the most important rooms first. Bathroom, then the kitchen, etc. and then worry about where you’ll hang picture frames and paintings. Often times, your original idea changes the more you get comfortable in your new surroundings.
  • Consider having a house warming party once everything is in its place.

Hopefully, this moving task list, combined with our other tips will help you rock your move and ensure you keep those stress levels low. Stay connected by following our blog for more useful info, on all your apartment living needs!