Keeping Your Menomonee Falls Apartment Organized

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Living in an apartment can be challenging for all sorts of reasons, especially when you’re hoping to achieve an organized place to show off. Whether you’ve just moved into your new Menomonee Falls apartment or you’re planning your move, there are tips to staying tidy you might want to consider.

Convenience is the number one reason people choose to live in apartments. However, renting doesn’t always provide the customization one may find in a home. Homeowners are able to store their belongings in more areas like garages or basements, for instance. Most residents of Apple Valley, Appleton Place, and Cameron Heights Apartments are happy to leave the home-buying for their later years however, and enjoy the convenience of apartment living for now.

By taking some of the steps listed here, you could find yourself a very happy apartment-dweller without a mess to be found! Here are 3 tips for keeping your apartment continually organized.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Think – less is more. Invest in furniture and storage items that offer the most use and will last for years to come. These nicer elements will encourage you to tidy up more consistently too. IKEA is the perfect place to visit for all your apartment decorating needs. They offer unique, cost-effective ways to organize your home and we luckily have a local store in Oak Creek. Look for shelves, storage bins, and closet organizers. Spend time in the kitchen section where you can find cabinet and drawer coordinators. Make a day of it and stop for a yummy snack like Swedish meatballs in IKEA’s cafeteria area. If this is your first or fifth apartment, an IKEA shopping experience is a no-brainer!

2. Use Lids

Surprisingly, your laundry basket and trash can aren’t the only essential places to have a lid. Next time you buy storage supplies, focus on items with lids only too.

Let’s be honest, apartment bedrooms offer closet space with limited functionality. While a cubed shelf may seem like the perfect tool to keep organized, it may just take up more square footage than it’s worth. You don’t need another piece of furniture to keep a space looking clean. Stacking clear, matching storage bins can have the same appeal and be way more effective.

These same rules apply with bathroom organization. Cute baskets for your hair and body products are only helpful if you use everything you own daily. If there are items that don’t need to occupy the front row, utilizing a storage basket is the way to go. While we support this approach, we also suggest purchasing baskets with lids only. These allow you to stack them in a linen closet or under your bathroom vanity in a more clean chaos sort-of-way.

3. Maximize Wall Space

When shopping for the perfect floor plan, you may have been excited by the appliances or amenities. Like most renters, planning on where everything will go doesn’t happen until after the lease is signed. When deciding the locations of knickknacks and decor it’s important to use your walls. Keeping your floors and countertops clear of clutter will allow your entire apartment to look organized. A simple floating shelf here or stacked shelves there, can make all the difference.

We hope this list keeps you organized while enjoying your Menomonee Falls apartment home. Be sure to follow Apple Valley Apartments & Townhomes, Appleton Place Apartments, and Cameron Heights Apartments on social media to keep yourself up-to-date on all the latest property happenings!