How to Repurpose Packing Supplies After Moving

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Once you move into one of our beautiful Waukesha apartments, you probably will not want to move again for quite some time. Here are a few ideas for re-purposing moving supplies to help you clear out the clutter and live a greener life.

It’s May, and college grads are moving on

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For the class of 2013, May brings an end to college life, but an exciting start to new careers and new communities. In just a few weeks post-grads will bolt into new employment opportunities, and actively be looking for new places to call home. When you first get out of college, things can feel a little stressful. After you land …

Planning a Move? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help!

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Planning a move to an apartment community in the greater Milwaukee area? One way to make the transition more smooth and less stressful is having good organization. Below are some tips that you can help decrease your frustration when moving to a new place. Purge Unneeded Items Before you begin to pack up everything, first go through your belongings and …