How to Repurpose Packing Supplies After Moving

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Once you move into one of our beautiful Waukesha apartments, you probably will not want to move again for quite some time. Here are a few ideas for re-purposing moving supplies to help you clear out the clutter and live a greener life.

Bubble Wrap

Until you unpack or buy new curtains, bubble wrap makes a unique “frosted glass” window covering that lets in light, yet blocks the view into your bathroom or bedroom.

Bubble wrap is valuable to eBay sellers. If you find yourself with lots of extra bubble wrap, why not visit your new neighbors, introduce yourself, and then see if they can use the bubble wrap. Can’t find a way to reuse the bubble wrap? Take the stress out of moving by having a “pop the bubble wrap” party.

Bubble wrap hothouses are an ideal way to grow fresh herbs. Simply fashion a frame out of wire and wrap with the bubble wrap. Now you have your own mini greenhouse that easily fits on a patio or balcony.

Cardboard Boxes

Younger children love cardboard boxes. The larger ones make excellent playhouses if you cut out a door and window first. Give your children a few large boxes and some colored markers and you can unpack in peace and quiet as they build their own private playhouse.

Wrapping fabric or heavy gift wrapping paper around the top or outsides of a small to medium size plain cardboard box gives you an immediate storage bin. This is ideal for closets and small spaces under stairs where furniture will not fit. You can stack as needed, taking advantage of every bit of storage space.

Small cardboard boxes make ideal drawer separators. Start life in your new home neatly organized. It will be much easier for you to find what you need during the morning rush to get the kids off to school and you off to work.

Moving into your Waukesha apartment

You can always recycle packing materials you cannot find a use for. With a little creativity, you can reuse most of your packing materials easily to help you become comfortably settled into your new home in Waukesha.