Working From Home in Our Sussex Apartments

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Greater work/life balance, schedule flexibility, and overall productivity levels are just a few reasons why more people are choosing to work remotely. Several other benefits, like avoiding heavy commutes or poor road conditions to be home, are just added bonuses.

Here are some quick ways to help people improve your overall output while working remotely in one of our Sussex apartments or any community.

1.  Create a Workspace

Apartments tend to have planned spaces that are conducive to your lifestyle. Which could mean, you have no available area where you can work uninterrupted since you never planned on working remotely. There’s hope! Accommodating your new home office can be easily done, with a little creativity.

Start by defining what is realistic with your daily life. Living with a spouse, children, or a roommate will demand a place more tucked away.¬† This is much easier to accomplish in any 2 bedroom apartment, like those found at both our Maple Grove and Maple Creek communities. If you’re living in a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in Sussex or elsewhere, consider modifying a single living area like your large breakfast bar or a part of your living room.

Once you’re able to set it up, your apartment can remain your home, while also being a comfortable place you conduct business.

2. Keep Structure

Concentration is key in any job. Staying focused with regular home distractions can be one of the most difficult parts of working remotely. But, distractions can’t be an excuse for losing structure throughout your workday. Learn to use your peak hours effectively. Schedule your biggest tasks to be completed within that period of time.

Working from a dog-friendly apartment can allow you to deviate from your normal day-to-day, as well. Pets can become more needy when you’re around more often. Take into account their normal structure. And don’t forget, they may have a harder time when regular office hours resume too.

At the end of the day, power down your electronics and move away from your desk or work space. Avoid taking your laptop outside of your designated work area. Blending your work and personal life will create opportunity to stay in work mode. Allow yourself to unwind and spend time with those you love.

3. Schedule Communications 

Regardless of where you set-up your home office, having a phone and internet access will be a requirement. If your work responsibilities include conference calls or conversations with clients, make sure to schedule them for times when you know you will be alone. Since you can’t avoid Skype calls with your boss, purchase noise-canceling headphones that help you focus on the task at hand in between those calls. In addition, find work from home playlists on Apple Music or Spotify.

Ideally, you want your home office to reflect the same practices as your company’s office. Remain connected with your co-workers. Avoid the feeling of being isolated and touch base with your team often.

Working from home can provide several benefits. It can also produce numerous challenges when space is limited or you share your apartment. Do your best work by cutting out a consistent work space, preparing for personal distractions, and creating a schedule that benefits you, your loved ones, and your employer.

For our residents and prospects living or inquiring about Sussex apartments for rent, we have all the details you need on the current detour. Information and directions for both our Maple Creek Apartments and Maple Grove Apartments can be found through the link below. Please reach out to our wonderful property manager, Katie, with any questions at (262) 246-9797. We have also included the Maple Avenue Detour Map for your convenience.

Click here for information about the Maple Avenue Reconstruction Project. Provided by The Village of Sussex directly.