Furniture Ideas For Your Franklin Apartment

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When you live in an apartment home you have to be very picky about what you bring into the space. Furniture that’s functional and fits well into smaller spaces is key. It’s also important to consider if your furniture layout is allowing for the most activities possible. Here are a few of our favorite furniture ideas for your Franklin apartment.

Storage Decor

The perfect piece of furniture for loft-styles and ranch floor plans alike is the coffee table with hidden storage. Round, square or even rectangular in shape, these gems are the best way to hide items you want close by but out of sight. Things like throw blankets, pillows, television remotes, gaming controllers, and more!

Storage ottomans are also great options for similar reasons. These can be used in place of a coffee table, side table, or at the end of your bed. We find residents love to utilize them in our spiral loft floor plans especially. Amazing space savers, plus they add a homey element to any room. Win win!


Using mirrors is another fantastic way to create faux space in an apartment. They give the illusion that the room is much bigger and brighter. Picking one the suits your vibe adds both function and a pop of personal decor to your walls.

Floating Furniture

Pick pieces that are a little higher off the ground and have open bottoms. The gap between the floor and furniture will make any room seem more spacious. Pair a light colored area rug to create perimeters that section off the space, as well. We highly suggest this combo to our renters in ranch layouts. Since the apartment home is already one level, breaking up the square footage into sections creates a more natural warm and inviting living space.


These space savers come in a range of different designs, patterns, and materials. You can even build your own – like seen here. Why are they so convenient? They can be tucked under a coffee table, hugging your arm rest, or as a dinner tray. They are the new and improved side table! Plus, they’re extremely light weight and can be moved around several times daily without being a nuisance.

Want more inspo? There are tons of resources for furniture inspiration to be found just a few clicks away on your smart phone or laptop. Search Pinterest or even hashtags on Instagram for versatile options to fit your apartment home. Be sure to check back here for more blogs on apartment decorating ideas and more!