apartment rental decorating ideas

Apartment Rental Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your apartment is one of the many simple ways to make it look more spacious, lively, and organized. Making your apartment feel like home is important whether you just recently moved into your first one, or you have been calling an apartment home for many years. Here are three inexpensive decorating ideas.

Make Your Apartment More Spacious

Make your apartment feel more spacious by matching your curtain color to the color of the wall. Doing this will blend the colors together creating an unbroken line making the apartment area look larger. Adding vertical lines on the walls or curtains can make a low ceiling seem higher.

You can also change the way you install your curtain rods. Install the curtain rods a few inches below the ceiling instead of putting them directly above the window frame. This way, the viewer’s attention will be drawn upward. And that makes your windows seem taller. The same idea goes with the window’s width. Install each end of the rods a few inches further away from the left and right sides of the frame. Doing this will give the illusion of an expanded width.

Another option to make a small space appear larger is to use light colors like gray or white on the walls and on the floor. Doing this makes the space brighter and that makes it seem bigger too.

Organizing Your Apartment

An effective yet simple way to decorate your apartment is to get furniture that includes storage areas or compartments. For example, you could get a coffee table that has shelves underneath it, a buffet that can store books, blankets, and other various items, or an entertainment system with drawers and doors.

If you are looking for ways to save money, you can often find furniture pieces like these with reasonable prices at a resale shop or even Goodwill. Regardless of where you get them, it is important to make the most of your living space and organization is key. Secret hiding places can help. 🙂

Making Your Apartment Lively

Add personality and color to your space by using decorations such as paintings, plants, pictures, and knick-knacks. House plants are also great for cleaning the air in your place while providing color to the surroundings. Various plants, cacti, and other small succulents are inexpensive and they can really add life to your apartment. Cacti and other succulents are also low maintenance because they do not require frequent watering.

Do you collect pictures from your vacation and trips? Print them out and have them framed. These can be used as fun décor hanging on your walls or standing on tables. Photographs make your place alive while at the same time reminding you of your fond memories.

Another creative way of decorating your walls is with canvas paintings.  You can easily buy them online, in stores, or better yet create your own special artwork.

And finally, you can make your apartment more lively by displaying knick-knacks you may have collected from your past. Decorating with antiques and personal treasures is an excellent way to personalize your apartment.

Now it’s your turn. Try out a few of these tips to turn your apartment into your home.