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5 Things To Do Before Signing Your Apartment Lease

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Are you finally ready to sign the lease on your newfound apartment? Once you’ve signed the lease agreement and it has been finalized, any disputes will have to be resolved in accordance with it. This is why you must make sure that your agreement meets your expectations and reflects your rights.

Before sealing the deal, be smart and follow these tips to make sure you are ready.

Visit the Property and Inspect Any Damages

It’s important to look at the apartment yourself and record any damages or issues that you’ll see so you could inquire about it and be on the same page with the landlord. Inspect all the appliances, and roam around the inside and outside of the apartment.

You should also check the wirings and lightings of the apartment, as well as the water pressure of the faucets, and all the locks. Should you encounter any problem, don’t forget to take note, and discuss it with your landlord.

Discuss about Maintenance and Customization

Before you settle in and make your apartment your new home, make sure to discuss what alterations you can make to the place. Is it okay to paint the walls? Or install stuff on the walls? What customizations can you do? And if something goes wrong with the apartment, what should you do? Understanding the maintenance process before you move in is important for you to know if the building does have a maintenance staff or not.

Check Apartment Reviews and Tenant Feedbacks

Reviews and feedback tell you how satisfied the previous tenants are with how well they have been treated and what they can say about the property. Try to read the most recent reviews, and check for any problems they encountered with the property and how well the landlord handled these issues. This way you will have a proper expectation of what’s going to happen after you move in.

Read and Understand the Apartment Lease

Before you sign anything, make sure you’ve read it carefully and don’t sign if there’s anything you don’t understand. Find out if everything that you and the landlord agreed upon is included in the lease. Check for guests and pet policy if you think you will need that in the future. And don’t forget to discuss and negotiate with your landlord should you see any issues with the lease.

Know the Overall Cost and Rent

Does you rent cover your electricity, water, heat? How about internet, trash, maintenance? Confirm what is really included in the rent so you’ll know what else you must pay for and budget accordingly. Other repairs and costs that you should be looking at are snow removal, lawn care, or maybe even parking fees. Check to see if you will be able to afford all this when you move in and have some extra for emergencies.

After making sure you have gone through all these steps, you are finally ready to sign the apartment lease and start moving!