Three Tips to Find a Great Apartment Roommate

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apartments in Sussex need a roommateIf you are focused on saving money on living expenses in the Sussex area, you are not alone. Many budget-minded residents have a strong desire to keep their housing costs low. While there are some affordable rental rates on some homes in the local community, many are opting to enjoy great rental rates as well as access to various amenities by renting apartments in Sussex. If you are interested in saving additional money, you may also look for a roommate to share the living expenses with. By focusing on these tips, you can more easily find a great roommate to live with.

Spend Time Hanging Out

Before you ask someone to live with you, it is important that you enjoy spending time with this person. A roommate may turn out to be your best friend, or you may simply occupy the same space and rarely see each other. However, this will be someone who you may see first thing when you wake up, when you are sick or at other inopportune times over the course of the next few months or years. You do not need to have much in common necessarily, but you should find the person enjoyable to be around. Ideally, this is someone who has a demeanor or personality that is agreeable to your own in some way.

Discuss Finances Up-Front

The primary reason you may be taking on a roommate is for financial assistance, so you should very clearly outline financial details up-front. Discuss payment arrangements, including the amount that is owed, when the money will be due and how it will be paid. Also, make plans for dividing utilities expenses, and discuss food if any common items will be shared. Finally, talk about what will happen if either of you cannot pay the rent and other expenses, such as because of job loss. While this may be a tough topic to discuss, it is best to be clear about expectations before this type of event actually happens.

Visit the Person’s Home

A final and important step to take before you formally extend an offer is to visit the person’s current home. You can tell a lot about someone by their home, including how clean they like their space, if they leave dirty clothes in the living room or dishes in the sink and various other factors. This can help you to more accurately determine if this is someone who you want to live with on a daily basis.

Not every person you interview for consideration as a potential roommate will be a solid match for you. While you may want to be a nice person and spare feelings, it is best to be honest up-front if you believe that you and a potential roommate would not be compatible in some way. Avoid rushing into a decision, and take your time to learn more about the person thoroughly before extending an offer for them to move into one of the beautiful apartments in Sussex with you.