The Perfect Fall Apartment

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There is nothing like Fall in Wisconsin! The unofficial start (Labor Day) has passed, and the official start is just a couple of weeks away. By now, almost all the stores have gotten in the spirit of the season by stocking up on their Fall décor, and it’s time you did too! Turn your Fall vibes into action with suggestions that are bound to capture the essence of Fall right into your apartment home.

 1.  Fall Smells

Cinnamon, pumpkin, berry, and apple, all conjure up images of plaid shirts and board games by the fire. A way you might not think about transforming your apartment for Fall is by the way it smells. There are tons of amazing scents out there that emanate the feeling of Fall. Spice (not the pumpkin kind) up those classic scents by tossing in a few newer smells this year. Our scent list below should help bring notes that will warm up your apartment and give you all the Fall feels.

  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  • Dark Rum
  • Maple
  • Autumn Hayride
  • Alder
  • Plum
  • Sage

2.  Fall Foliage

We love having Mums at all of our properties. We start planning to pick-up pots of them, in deep Autumn hues, as soon as the weather cools. The colors are beautiful and they last when we experience lower temps. These plants stand out in rustic pots or in both railing and window boxes to add easy seasonal flair to your windows, balconies or patios. In true fall style, mum varieties with golden yellow or deep burgundy blooms work perfectly with those pumpkin and gourd displays.

3.  Food for display

The cornucopia of fall brings a heaping bounty of squash, pumpkins, and gourds. Using your apartment’s patio or balcony is another great way to display your love of Fall. Various sizes of pumpkins make for beautiful arrangements. Don’t skip over ugly gourds or pimpled squashes either. Mixed in with white pumpkins, the imperfections will allow cool textures to be a decoration of their own.

If you’re more in the Halloween spirit, pumpkins as decoration only mean one thing. Jack-o’-lanterns! Whether it’s for spooks or because you love a good challenge, carving the best pumpkin in your community brings back nostalgic feelings from your childhood into your adult apartment. (The best kind of adulting, in our opinion.)

4.  All things cozy! 

Small changes that bring hints of the season can really transform your whole space. Plus, they won’t put a burden on your wallet!

Pillows may seem like an odd choice, but changing the pop of color on your couch to reflect deeper colors can really set the Fall mood. Add depth to your living room or guest bedroom by layering blankets or hanging them partially from a wicker basket.

Finally, nothing says Fall more than the crispness in the air and the first fire in your own fireplace. Problem is, there is no fireplace in your apartment. That’s a problem no more! Home Depot offers a compact electric fireplace that has a realistic flame AND produces heat for an area up to 400 sq. feet! It can provide you all the comforts of a real fireplace, in the comfort of your own apartment!

We hope our list gives you a head start on creating The Perfect Fall Apartment. If you’re one step ahead of us, what have you already done to decorate your apartment for Fall? We want to know!