Summer Brag Board Features Wauwatosa Manager!

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Our Summer employee earning real-life and internet applause is the marvelous, Mindy Dudley! Mindy is the Property Manager of Wilshire Manor Apartments in the heart of Wauwatosa, WI.

Fun Facts about Mindy:

  • She balances her management position with school as she studies dental hygiene.
  • Mindy has the best sense of humor. We have no idea how she will handle appointments as a hygienist since her patients will be laughing hysterically, but we know she will find a way!
  • Resident first, Manager later. Mindy loved living at Wilshire Manor so much, she decided to work there.
  • Mindy is going on 4 years with our company. How lucky are we? Our Wauwatosa location has a total of 54 apartments, each of which, rave about their property manager. Always gracing us with her impressive wit and fun personality, we look forward to seeing Mindy at any work event.

This is only Morgenson Realty Company, Inc’s second Brag Board feature. So it’s safe to say, we have an organization FULL of amazing people that we love to celebrate every chance we get! Don’t just take our word for it though, here is a recent quote from a thank you card sent to Mindy by a grateful resident, “Thank you for going out of your way…you are a spectacular landlord and I tell people how great of a place this is because of YOU!” We couldn’t agree more! Service quality and customer satisfaction play vital roles in property management, and Mindy is expert-level in both.

From all of us here at Morgenson Realty, we want to thank Mindy for being SUCH an incredible addition to our team!

Offering exceptional convenience, Wilshire Manor is located less than one mile away from both the Medical College of Wisconsin & the Village of Wauwatosa. If you’re looking to upgrade your living experience, check out photos and details of Wilshire Manor Apartments here, on our website and give Mindy a call today!

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