Ideas For Decorating Your Apartment

morgenson decorating, Waukesha

There are various ways you can dress up your living space. Let your creativity flow! Create a decorating plan for your Waukesha apartment that will suit your tastes, but don’t forget ask your apartment manager what you can and can’t do.

Shelf Displays

Use bookshelves to show off your belongings, whether they are dolls or awards or favorite antiques. Bookshelves are not just for books anymore. Shelves work in all types of rooms, especially small ones that have limited space. The materials include steel, glass and wood. There are all types of shelves that can match your unique style. There are even porcelain wall shelves!

Paints and Decals

If the apartment walls cannot be painted, consider the furniture pieces. Painting the bed or bookshelf can be just as stunning as painting the walls. If you are not allowed to paint the room, look at other artistic techniques. Check with your apartment manager whether decals are allowed. Certain decals can cause drywall damage, and you don’t want to lose part of your security deposit for any repairs that need to be made.

Bathroom and Bedroom Features

Your living room is not the only place to decorate. You are not allowed to install bathroom fixtures, but you can add features like paintings and furniture to other rooms. For greater depth, add a mirror on the far end of your bedroom. Oval and rectangular frames are available in different styles. Create color schemes as well by matching the towels, curtains, rugs and even the lights.

Curtain Choices

It is easy to ignore the significant appeal of curtains. Drapes can enhance walls more than wallpaper does. Find colors that match your other décor. Even textures can make drapery unique. More intricate curtains have beaded and ribbon designs. Pleated curtains look appealing in silk, velvet, linen and cotton materials.

Do not hesitate to ask about what is allowed when it comes to apartment decoration. Usually, you are able to hang up pictures, or install window treatments. Furniture comes in different types from antique to modern. Plants and flowers can make your space come alive. Buy unique rugs. As long as the area can be returned to normal, review all the creative options you have, and enjoy your Morgenson apartment!