Practice Music In Your Apartment

How To Practice Music In Your Apartment

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Since the pandemic started, most of us has taken up new hobbies or revisited old ones. If you rediscovered your love with playing music, and you are worried that practicing in the comfort of your apartment might disturb your neighbors, then this is for you.

Here are some tips to practice music in your apartment while keeping the calm in the neighborhood…

Follow the Rules

The first step to anything related to your apartment, is to always check your contract. Do you have a noise ordinance or a noise curfew in the neighborhood? Some places have quiet times in place so make sure to review your lease to avoid breaking any rules.

Pick a Good Time and Duration

Setting the right time is important when practicing in an apartment, because you shouldn’t really be playing drums at 10 in the evening right? And since most of the people now are working from home, so hearing you play loudly while they are having a meeting is not really a good idea.

Instead, choose a time slot that is convenient to everyone, say 5 to 6 pm. This way your neighbors can expect your “music” at this time and can adjust their activities. Communication is key here, and being considerate just shows both you and your neighbors are willing to compromise.

Notify and Talk to your Neighbors

It’s always a good idea to meet your neighbors. If you haven’t moved in yet, drop by and introduce yourself when you make a visit to your apartment. Tell them you are a musician and you practice music at home. By doing this, you will also be able to know their situations. Do they have small children who take a nap in the afternoon? Are they out in the morning?

Keeping the communication open will make them appreciate you more, so leave your contact number behind so they can easily get in touch in case of a change in schedule.

Approaching your neighbors also open opportunities to finding friends who share the same hobby as yours.

Use Silencer Accessories

There are instances where you couldn’t really work around your neighbors’ schedules because not all of them work the same routine. So it’s time to purchase a practice mute or consider instruments that you can plug your headphones into. You can also consider electric instruments where you can turn down the volume or unplug the amp.

If all else fails…

Have you considered soundproofing? Find soundproofing accessories that don’t need to be installed. Blocking the sound from coming out of your apartment will be able help you practice more in your own time. Transform a part of your apartment to a soundproof practice room.

Or, just find another space. Sometimes, the stars don’t align for us and that’s okay. You can shorten your practice time in your apartment and work on a rented studio outside.

Pursuing your hobby is important, and respecting your neighbor’s peace and quiet is imperative as well. Find a way to balance and keep both so you can enjoy practicing music in the comfort of your apartment. Follow the tips above to make sure you’ll have a peaceful music journey in your own place.