Giving Notice to Your Apartment Manager

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Lease Agreement

You’ll have to end your lease agreement someday.

All rental situations eventually come to an end. That’s why the building manager of a Wauwatosa apartment demands a lease agreement. If circumstances have arisen that would cause you to vacate an apartment in Wauwatosa, take the time to write the landlord a letter communicating your intent.

When preparing to write a letter to your landlord, have a copy of the lease on hand so you can refer to it. It’s not important to bring up issues in the lease unless there’s a conflict. For example, a lease usually runs for a term in months, and if you’re breaking your lease, you need to write a different letter than a statement of your intent to vacate. If other conflicts exist, you will discover it when you re-read your lease. The lease also dictates how many days notice the landlord requires before vacating.

Here are a few pointers when you have to give notice to your apartment manager:

1. Give a Reason

Even if you have fulfilled your part of the lease agreement with an apartment landlord, communicate to the building manager why you’re leaving. Perhaps you’ve taken employment in another town, or you’re getting married, and you’re moving into a bigger apartment in Wauwatosa.

2. Refundable Security Deposit

The best reason to write your building manager and give the required notice is to get back the refundable security deposit you paid when you moved in. Be sure to mention that you are leaving the Wauwatosa apartment in reasonable condition and expect a full refund. Keep in mind that landlords assess any repairs needed to make your old digs presentable and will subtract any cost from your deposit to pay for repairs. The easiest way to get your full deposit back is to leave the unit in good shape.

3. To Argue or Not to Argue

If you’re leaving because you’re unhappy with the rental situation, reflect on things before you put any negative information down in a letter. Building managers check renting history and a negative reason for leaving could affect your history. If you plan to rent again, consider leaving on good terms with your landlord.

4. The Sample Letter

Dear building manager,

Per the terms of our lease agreement, this letter serves as notice that I’m vacating the premises at this address, effective (date you are moving). If you are leaving at the end of the lease, state that too.

On one line list the reason you’re leaving and get to the point.

“Regarding the refundable security deposit, I paid a $XXXX.XX security deposit down. I expect a full refund because I have left the apartment in good condition.”

It’s a good idea to leave a forwarding address. The landlord may send you your deposit money there. Your landlord will also be able to send along any mail that gets lost between addresses if you leave a forwarding address.

Sincerely yours,

Your autograph

5. Finish Painlessly

You can make the process of moving out painless with a sample letter like the one above. Afterward, you can clear out of your apartment, confident in the knowledge that you have met your obligations.