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Wilshire Manor
Apartments in Wauwatosa, WI

The Wilshire Manor apartments in Wauwatosa, WI, offer the best selection of apartments and lofts. What is great about this place is that you can choose from one bedroom, lofted one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Expect all apartments to have a balcony, laundry facilities, elevator, mini-blinds, secured entrances, underground parking, a locked lobby, breakfast bar and pantry. All these offerings are difficult to find elsewhere.

The over-sized one bedrooms have a dining room, large bathroom, double bedroom closets, entertainment center and European kitchen. On the other hand, the large two bedrooms measure 1,250 square feet with a washer or dryer, two full baths, a large kitchen and extra-large walk-in closet. If you prefer to stay in any of the lofts, you can enjoy the skylights and the large loft area. Each unit also features cathedral ceilings with ceiling fans, large bedrooms and closets.

Apartments in Wauwatosa, WI

Wilshire Manor apartments are specially designed to fit into your lifestyle. With this, you can definitely enjoy your spacious new home right in the center of Wauwatosa. The location is convenient for Medical College of Wisconsin students and those who want easy access to a shopping and recreation centers. This is the best place for busy people and those who study or work in the Milwaukee Area. Many amenities are just a walk away. Enjoy the quiet and comfortable life at Wilshire Manor and at the same time get easy access to all of the great areas right in the heart of the city. Wauwatosa is among the best cities in Wisconsin for both young people and seniors.