Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it should sit. 5 Trash & Recycling No-No’s You Should Stop Doing Today!

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Much like those adorable cat memes all over the internet, our minds automatically think, “If I can fit it in the dumpster, it’s acceptable.” Unfortunately, we’re wrong and may even be breaking the law. There are some items inside your apartment that can’t go inside your communities trash or recycling dumpsters. Find out which common household items can’t go in …

Tips for Preparing Your Apartment Before You Go on Vacation

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It is always an exciting time when you are planning a vacation. However, with the excitement of booking flights, hotel arrangements and other travel plans, it is easy to forget the things you need to take care of at home before you leave. If you fail to properly prepare your apartment before you head out on vacation, it could lead …

Morgenson Earns Top Rated award from Apartment Ratings

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Apartment Ratings Awards Morgenson The Managers at Morgenson Realty have just received notification from Apartment RatingsĀ that they have received the TOP RATED for 2013 award. The Annual awards recognizes properties with outstanding resident satisfaction ratings. The award is typically only awarded to the top 7% of all apartments listed on the site, making this an exclusive and admirable accomplishment.

For Better Apartment Living Look For These Amenities

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If you want to live somewhere spacious and comfortable, you do not have to get into a house. You can move into an apartment community and enjoy wonderful amenities without paying a fortune. Here are some of the common amenities of apartment living.

Picking Apartment Amenities

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Looking for a new apartment might seem overwhelming at first. You probably have a few specific things you are looking for such as the number of bedrooms and square footage. However, you may also have certain apartment amenities that you want.