Tips for Preparing Your Apartment Before You Go on Vacation

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Cameron Heights apartments in Menomonee Falls

Cameron Heights apartments in Menomonee Falls

It is always an exciting time when you are planning a vacation. However, with the excitement of booking flights, hotel arrangements and other travel plans, it is easy to forget the things you need to take care of at home before you leave. If you fail to properly prepare your apartment before you head out on vacation, it could lead to major headaches when you get back from your travels. In order to avoid this, follow these tips for preparing your apartment before you go on vacation.

Tell Your Landlord

One thing that you have to keep in mind about traveling is that most Menomonee Falls apartments require tenants to notify their landlords before they go on vacation. If you take a close look at your lease, there is most likely a clause that says you are required to notify your landlord if you are going to be away for more than a few days. You will most likely have to notify your landlord in writing. Make sure you do this in time to follow the wording of your lease.

Think About Your Car

If you are going to be leaving your car at your apartment while you are away, you want to do things to keep it safe. If you have a designated parking spot, you should keep it parked there. Otherwise, make sure that you park your car in a well-lighted area to deter thieves. Also, you should take any valuables out of your car to make it a less enticing target.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You obviously do not want to spend money to keep your apartment climate-controlled while you are away. If it is winter, set the thermostat at 50 degrees to keep the pipes from freezing while you are away. If it is summer, you can shut your air conditioner off to keep from paying to cool your apartment while you are on vacation.

Get an Apartment Sitter

If you are going on an extended vacation, it is very important that you have someone check on things while you are away. If you can get a friend or family member to stay in your apartment while you are gone, that is the best solution. However, just having a friend come by every couple days to water your plants and check on things is okay, too.

Deal with Your Mail

If you have someone who is looking after your place while you are gone, they can collect your mail as well. However, if you are unable to find anyone to check on your apartment while you are on vacation, you should go to the post office to fill out a form to stop your mail while you are gone.

Unplug Electronics

Just before you leave, you should unplug all the electronics in your home with the exception of your refrigerator. Keep in mind that electronic items use electricity when they are plugged in. This is true even if they are turned off. Simply unplug them to lower your energy bill while you are away.