Holiday Decorating Ideas

7 Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas for your Apartment

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It’s finally the holiday season! Don’t let your limited apartment space limit your holiday cheer. If you’re still wondering where to put that cute little Christmas tree, then this post is for you. No matter how small your space is, these holiday decorating ideas will surely make it even more festive.

Start Decorating Your Door

Welcome your guests by hanging a holiday wreath on your front door. The door is the first thing a guest see upon entering your apartment, and showcasing your personality through it is an important factor. You could buy a ready-made one, or craft your own wreath. Maybe add a giant bow, or some battery-operated lights to make it look even more jolly.

And don’t forget your bedroom and bathroom doors, too! Just remember to use command strips or hooks instead of creating tiny holes in your doors to avoid any potential lease violations.

Set Up The Table

Utilizing your tables are a great way to save up some space. A festive centerpiece could be the center of the show combined with mini Christmas trees and a bowl of ornaments and pine cones with beautiful poinsettias. You can easily customize the decors in your table according to the kind of holiday that you celebrate. Easy and a certified space saver!

You can also add ornaments on top of your shelves, bedside tables, and dressers. Why not display family photos and holiday cards to showcase family traditions?

Use Festive Colors

There’s no easier way to showcase the holiday spirit than by using festive colors. Reds and greens are definitely in this season, but golds and silvers also rock. Blue and silver is also popular for Hanukkah. You can either choose one color and start a theme like a winter wonderland, or combine all of them to showcase the full holiday spirit.

Some more easy holiday decorating ideas include swapping your throw pillows with holiday themed ones, creating colorful countdown calendars, and using holiday themed towels. Add even more colors to your place by changing your beddings, adding throw blankets, holiday mugs, curtains, and garlands!

Try Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

Having a Christmas tree is definitely a staple in all holiday decors, but if a real giant tree couldn’t fit in your apartment, then it’s time to look at your other options. If you have the floor space, try smaller and slimmer trees. Keep in mind that fresh trees require extra care and effort to maintain, and they may become a fire hazard in the future.

Instead of using fresh trees, you could invest in smaller faux trees, or if you don’t have enough space, go for table top Christmas trees! They are small, cute, and you don’t have to care for them at all. You can buy 1 or 10 and place them all over your apartment.

If you think faux trees are still not for you, you can always add fairy lights to your houseplants or even hang mini ornaments. Another option is to hang a wall tree. If you are into painting, why not try to paint your own tree?

Get Cozy In Your Balcony

You can easily transform your balcony and create a cozy space. The easiest way to do this is to add some string lights. This way you would still be able to use the floor space, and at the same time share the holiday cheer to your neighbors! Make it cozy by placing some fluffy cushions and comfy blankets. You can also set up a hot chocolate corner for your guests, and light some holiday scented candles.

Don’t have a balcony? Don’t worry! You can always add lights and garlands on your windows. Use your window sill to display ornaments and garlands that match your chosen holiday theme.

Hang Christmas Stockings

Here’s another idea to save floor space, hang your stockings! If your apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, then try utilizing your bookshelves or bare walls. Stockings had been a cute Christmas décor tradition from our childhood, and it’s a lovely addition to make your space feel homey.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your stockings so as to not overwhelm the size of your apartment. And, of course, use holiday colors!

Play Some Holiday Music

Playing holiday music on repeat can easily lift up your mood and bring in the holiday spirit. And you don’t even need to waste any space for it! Choose upbeat ones while you decorate your space to get you in the zone, or play classic ones over a tea party in your newly decorated balcony.

Following these holiday decorating ideas will surely help make your apartment feel festive without sacrificing so much space. Easily deck the halls with boughs of holly and add cheer into your space in a safe way.