3 Tips for the Coziest Master Bedroom Ever

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Wisconsin winters resemble that dreamy, nostalgic feeling you only get from watching Christmas movies as a kid. Ones of comfort and warmth that are essential ingredients to soaking-up the many holidays throughout this time of year. But let’s be honest, they’re also crazy-long and require some prep time indoors. To make sure you keep that easeful feeling lasting as long as possible, we’ve created 3 tips for the coziest master bedroom ever.

Layers on Layers

Like layering up before a Packer game at Lambeau Field or any outdoor activity here in Southeastern Wisconsin – layers in your bedroom will guarantee you keep that toasty feeling during the coldest of nights.

From fuzzy faux-fur throws (say that 3 times fast) to a creative use of curtains, there are endless ways to “thicken” the depth of your master bedroom and transform your rental apartment into a heavenly escape. Our favorites are found with a quick Pinterest search, check them out here –

DIY Canopy Curtains  —  Tapestry Bedroom Ideas  — Layering Rugs

Say Goodbye to Mattress Problems 

Mattresses can be expensive and picking the perfect one is stressful, especially for all the couples out there. Agreeing on the best combination of softness and firmness is almost impossible, even if you’re only having that debate with yourself.

Solution?  – Skip buying an entirely new mattress and have a plush memory foam mattress topper, delivered right to your door. There are tons of options for these toppers too – Temperature regulated, hypoallergenic, pressure point relief and much more! Check out the reviews prior to purchasing and dodge the trouble of returning an entire mattress – with easy returns when you order through Amazon. Get started here with the Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper  – displaying over 1,900 reviews and photos from customers online.

Keep it Personally Inviting 

Everyone should walk into their master bedroom and feel a certain level of enchantment. This is the area of your home that is specifically created for YOU/YOU BOTH as a couple, to unwind and rest. No decorating for guests required!

Don’t allow anything that reminds you of your daily stresses into this room. No laptops or daily schedules/calendars allowed! As a couple, attempt to get out all your work-related stories before snuggling up in bed with your significant other. Keep the photos with friends and family to a minimum here too and add lightly scented plug-ins that promote peace of mind – like lavender, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Really commit to creating and reminding yourself that you deserve a space that prioritizes relaxation and an overall sense of comfort.