3 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Move

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Global pandemics aren’t an ideal time for moving to a new apartment. Guidance from family and friends on protecting yourself can be useful, or just fill you with anxiety. Typically, you would be stressing over how many boxes you need or how expensive moving trucks are nowadays. Instead you’re probably thinking how tiny those concerns are in the face of COVID-19. Solutions for moving safely don’t have to be complex or inconvenient. Here are 3 tips for social distancing while swapping homes: 

1.  Check Cleaning Protocols

Asking questions is essential to protecting yourself beyond just moving day. Apartment communities have tons of high-touch areas shared by residents, guests and delivery drivers. Ask the property manager what steps have been taken to sanitize these surfaces. Intercom buttons, door handles and stair railings should all be cleaned with antibacterial products on a regular basis. 

Certain companies handle the cleaning of a vacant apartment differently than others. Professional cleaners usually provide their own cleaning supplies. Oftentimes, those are home or industrial multi-surface cleaners that kill bacteria and germs, but that isn’t always the case. Some cleaning service companies may use products they prefer or use as a personal preference. These could include things like less effective natural cleaning alternatives or even essential oils. Make sure you confirm what professional cleaning was performed in your new apartment, prior to moving in.  

Morgenson Realty has doubled-down on common area cleanings on a daily basis. That means we have cleaners on-site, at each location, cleaning all high-touch areas twice a day, every day. Our cleaners are clocking those times during the outbreak, along with extra assistance from our property managers and maintenance staff. 

2. Prep Prior to Moving Day 

All of us WANT to be the people with labeled boxes and neatly arranged clothes still on the hangers. Realistically, the majority of us are panicking last minute with everything we own in trash bags. If you consider the health risks and laundry list of logistics, moving can feel impossible. While it may seem like you need everything you own immediately after moving in, you can probably live with less. Pack things that are necessary for everyday life separate from your, “post COVID-19 crisis belongings”. Is that a thing? It is now!

Solo is the best social distancing option available. Minimize your in-person contact by taking whatever you can yourself. This will mean more trips from your old place to your new apartment, but keeps your risk level low. Don’t worry, your family won’t be disappointed they couldn’t help. Not at all. 

Moving can be freeing for some folks. It’s like spring cleaning, right? Finally, you get to toss that stained tupperware, old shower curtain, and drawers filled with random receipts. Thinking about fresh new things can be exciting and all of a sudden you’re filling your trash can with chipped coasters and your entire expired spice rack. Unfortunately, replacing those possessions isn’t as easy as it used to be. Stores aren’t as focused on stocking shelves with home decor items and Amazon shipping options are dating over a month, in some cases. If you’re able, salvage your current shower curtain and avoid risking weeks worth of shower splash onto your new bathroom floor. 

3. Know Your Must-haves 

Before physically moving or even completing your leasing process online, you’ll need to find the perfect apartment. While shopping is far from easy with a safer at home order, you can prioritize your rental needs once you decide your must-haves. Start by eliminating apartments that are outside of your budget or that you shouldn’t settle on.

Filter your online search results and only show listings you would consider applying to that day. If you know having a washer and dryer in your apartment is one of your requirements, eliminate all housing options that do not offer in-unit laundry. In addition, verify different properties by looking up their reviews. Current and past residents may have already done the legwork for you. If the only reviews you can find online talk about bed bugs, it’s safe to say that apartment is a hard pass. 

On the other hand, maybe you’re considering scheduling in-person showings at a couple of fancy properties. Is it fun to tour rental units that provide billiard rooms and other luxurious community amenities? Sure! Is it safe to schedule a tour if those units aren’t affordable? Not right now. Be thoughtful about what is realistic both for your safety and the safety of those leasing agents or property managers offering a showing.

Remember the popular theme of this crisis, we’re all in this together. While moving to a new place has added hurdles, there are kind and generous people waiting to assist you in navigating the unknowns. If you’re worried or unsure about the best ways to handle moving, we understand. Learn more about how each property is helping current and new residents move safely by contacting them directly. Simply choose which location or locations interest you most and call, email, or even text us today! There will be a property manager on the other side, waiting to answer any questions you may have. Stay well!