Tips to Help You Survive Your Cross Country Move – Part 2

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Continuing from last month, here are some more tips on making the big move…

Get Even More Organized: Make To-Do Lists Executing Your Cross Country Move

moving across the countryThough this seems rather simplistic, many people regret not having created a to-do list once their move is done. Moving your life and all of your things is nothing to be taken lightly; there are literally a million-and-one things that you need to get done before moving day. All too often, individuals will kick themselves for having forgotten something relatively important that they should have done. Removing this type of stress can be almost therapeutic when such a life-altering decision as moving.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil. It works! Just jot down anything that pops in your mind, because with how hectic it can get as moving day approaches, you’re likely to forget more than you remember. Some people may decide that this isn’t necessary, but it’s almost guaranteed that if you don’t take this step, you’ll regret it later.

How Are You Getting It There? Don’t Skimp on the Boxes

First-time movers will often grab the first boxes they come across to pack up their lives. While this may be adequate for a short move from one state to the next, it’s a recipe for disaster when moving cross country. Your things could literally be traveling in the back of a truck over thousands of miles of road, and not every highway is going to be well maintained.

Your entire life will literally be inside of these boxes, so now isn’t the time to opt for subpar materials that could leave you with dishes, clothes and other items strewn throughout a moving van. Spending an extra little bit on sturdy boxes can save lots of time and hassle by the time it is all over.

Start Cleaning Early

This tip applies to anyone who is moving, but for someone heading across the country, it’s especially important. Far too many people decide that they’ll clean up the house as they’re packing things away, but this usually always proves to be a mistake. Packing and moving is daunting enough, but if you add in having to locate everything and making the house spic-and-span on top of it, you’ll definitely have a few hard days.

Starting this process about four weeks before the actual move is ideal. It will cut down on the amount of work you have to do on moving day, and for those renting, it will give them time to handle any issue they might come across. After all, missing out on getting the full deposit back over a broken vent that you saw at the last minute is no way to start a new life.

You’re going to have plenty to worry about when moving a long distance, but these helpful tips can undoubtedly take a bit of that weight off of your shoulders. Most people only realize the importance of these tips after they’ve made the big move, and if they’re lucky, they’ll enjoy their new Waukesha apartment and never have to make use of those tips again for a long time. This is why it’s so imperative to know how to properly plan for the move beforehand. After making use of these tips, you’re set to just sit back and enjoy the ride.