Tips For Keeping A Dog In A Small Apartment

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apartments in Hartland can be home for this cute puppyYou found a cute puppy at the local shelter, and he is so adorable! Now as you bring him home to your apartment, you’ll have to think how your new friend will adjust. A typical dog will have problems moving around in a small apartment. However, there are simple ways to make a pet more comfortable in a compact environment.

Walk the Dog Often

Exercise is a requirement because it influences your pet’s mood. To keep your dog happy and healthy, you must schedule outdoor activities multiple times a day. Without daily athletic sessions, your pet will become frustrated. As a result, the animal will release energy by chewing on your sneakers and furniture.

Design a Unique Space

Dogs that have their own space in an apartment are less stressed throughout the day. To create a haven for your pet, place a dog bed and a bowl of water in a spot that receives low traffic, such as a quiet corner.

Develop a Routine

Puppies thrive when their owners follow a routine. Daily walks, potty trips, and feeding should be done at the same times every evening or morning. If your pet eats kibble in the morning, the food will metabolize shortly before the daily walk. Once the dog understands the routine, you won’t have to wait long on a cold day until the animal does its business.

Get Help During the Day

If you have a high-energy dog and a nine to five job, you will need help keeping your pet active. In this situation, consider hiring a friend or neighbor who can walk your dog while you are working. If possible, choose someone who already owns a dog. Pets enjoy hanging out together because they get to interact in fun ways.

Train the Pet

Trained dogs are happier dogs because they less likely cause trouble. If you have a defensive breed, crate training is the best option.

Apartment Consideration for Pet Owners

If you need an apartment that allows pets, apartments in Hartland at our Country Aire property are available. Complete with scenic walking trails and convenient lake access, it’s a perfect location to call home. Nestled in a calm, peaceful community, the environment is ideal for a dog because the area has a lot of wildlife and plenty of mature trees.

The Country Aire apartments in Hartland offered by Morgenson Realty feature newly remodeled one and two bedroom apartments with eat in kitchen, and tons of cabinet space. Plus it is conveniently located on the corner of Hwy 83 & Hwy 16.

Two other Morgenson Realty properties, Maple Creek apartments in Sussex and Cameron Heights apartments in Menomonee Falls, also allow dogs. Contact us to find out more.