Searching for a Sussex Apartment? Key Features to Consider


Sussex Maple Grove Apartments exterior

Sussex Maple Grove Apartments exterior

Are you looking for the right Sussex apartment that can provide added comfort and convenience? The right amenities can make a major difference in the quality of life experienced by tenants. Here are six of the most important features to look for when checking out Sussex apartments:

1. Location

In most cases, suburban areas provide a quiet and safe refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Beginning your search for apartments in Sussex can allow you and your family to enjoy the fresh air and open spaces of the suburbs within easy commuting distance of work opportunities in Milwaukee. Beautiful landscaping can enhance your quality of life and provide you with a real sense of pride in your new living space.

2. Security

Ensuring the safety of your property and your family is also a key consideration when selecting an apartment. Locked outside entry doors can keep undesirable and uninvited guests out of hallways and other shared areas, allowing you to enjoy peace and security in your new home.

3. Soundproofing

Noises from outside your Sussex apartment can present serious annoyances and can interfere with your everyday routine. Choosing a rental property with solid barriers that stop sound from traveling from one unit to another can allow you and your family to enjoy greater comfort when sleeping, studying, watching television or listening to music. Spacious apartments and cathedral ceilings can also serve as natural sound buffers that can reduce noise from other apartments while protecting the privacy of your guests and family members.

4. Sussex Apartments can be Cat-Friendly

While not all Sussex apartments allow pets, finding a pet-friendly rental property can allow cat owners to enjoy time with their four-legged companions without added stress or worry. Be sure to check pet policies with property managers before scheduling your tour; this can save you time and effort during the apartment hunting process.

5. Parking Arrangements

Covered parking spaces can provide you with added security for your vehicle and may even reduce the cost of your automobile insurance premiums. Underground parking can offer even greater protection for your car or truck and can allow you to stay safer when traveling to and from your new home.

6. On-Site Management and Support

Apartment complexes that provide 24-hour emergency support and on-site management can ensure the fastest response times for water leaks, electrical problems and other issues that can significantly affect the quality of life in your rental property. Choosing a property that includes these essential services can provide you with added peace of mind throughout your tenancy.

The Maple Grove Apartments in Sussex offers an array of floor plans designed to suit your needs perfectly. Lofted ceilings and skylights are available on second-floor Sussex apartments. Underground parking is included as a standard feature with all units. We are cat-friendly and offer a peaceful, safe environment for all our tenants. To learn more about our lineup of amenities and features, contact Morgenson Realty Company at 262-246-9797. We look forward to discussing our exquisite apartment homes with you and your family.