Pet-Friendly Apartment Hacks

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Storing pet food:

Carrying those bulky dry food bags from your car into your apartment is already a hassle. But when you’re working with a tight space for storage, frustration can build quickly. Using durable plastic cereal containers as an alternative to hold dry food makes storage simple, as well as making it very easy to pour right into your pet’s food bowl. For a fancier hack, SimpleHuman, the company that makes stainless steel trash cans, now makes an airtight food storage bin for pets! These are the perfect pet-friendly solution for sitting out, but can easily fit in either a kitchen pantry or cabinet. Scooping pet food will be a breeze, magnetic scoop included!

Litter box Hacks:

No matter how much we love our cats, we can all agree, their litter boxes are the bane of our existence. Check out for TONS of amazing options designed for hiding litter boxes in style. Ever heard of a diaper genie? An easy way to keep your apartment odor-free is by scooping yourself (pun intended) a litter genie! These are super affordable and not only allow you to keep your cat’s litter box clean consistently, but also saves you trips to the dumpster.

Pet Hair Solutions: 

Lint rollers and vacuums can only do so much! When battling pet allergens and the need for your guests to rethink their outfit choice before visiting your apartment, you’ll need some extra hacking help. For furniture cleaning, try wrapping duct tape backward over a paint roller to pick up loose pet hair. Pesky pet castoffs can be cleaned off of carpet by pressing and running a squeegee in lanes like you would when vacuuming. The Clorox brand also makes Hair Pick Up Wipes with an interlocking weave that helps trap stray pet hair, allergens, and dust. The wipes are bleach-free, safe to use around pets, and removes a whopping 99% of pet allergens.

A tired pet is a happy pet. Keep your dog or cat out of trouble:

This simple trick will keep your dog entertained for hours! Cut a two-inch slice into a tennis ball and then fill it with dog treats, along with little pieces of fabric. Your dog won’t have time to bark or even realize you’re gone while searching for every last treat! Another similar idea, especially in the warmer months, is to fill up a Kong dog-toy with peanut butter and freeze it for a couple of hours. They’ll be ready for a nap by the time they’re done!

We didn’t forget about our feline friends! Cats really enjoy mental stimulation.  If you haven’t yet, purchase a red laser light. Set some time aside in the morning and use the laser to help your cat burn energy. This also taps into your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

Got a curious pet on your hands? Does your cat jump on every countertop or cabinet they can reach?  Spray those surfaces with a citrus-scented cleaner, cats avoid anything with a citrus smell. Dogs, on the other hand, avoid anything sprayed with bitter apple. Bitter apple spray can be found at your local pet store or you can purchase a bottle on Amazon.

We hope these pet-friendly apartment tips will help keep you and your fur-family feeling comfortable at home!

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment community, don’t leave without checking out several of our beautiful properties! Cats and/or dogs are welcome at the following locations; Foxtail Meadows in Pewaukee, Fairway Meadows in Franklin, Country Aire in Hartland/Delafield, both of our Sussex communities Maple Creek and Maple Grove, as well as, two of our Menomonee Falls locations Appleton Place and Cameron Heights Apartments.