Hosting the Perfect Apartment Housewarming Party

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image of housewarming party balloonsWhen you want to share the excitement of your new home with your friends and family, one of the best ways to celebrate is through hosting an apartment housewarming party. While parties take planning and work, especially if this is your first time throwing one, a little preparation goes a long ways towards making the event a memorable one.


One of the very first decisions you’ll need to make is who to invite to your party. Once you know who’s coming, you can decide whether you want to send out formal paper invitations, email invitations or simply invite people through a casual phone call or text message. How you invite your guests sets off the tone for the rest of your event.

Keep Your Neighbors in Mind

Unlike a house, your apartment shares walls with other tenants in your Waukesha apartments complex. As such, it’s important to be respectful to your neighbors during the party. Simple courtesies like keeping the noise down go a long ways in maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors. Consider informing your neighbors of the party beforehand and leave them your phone number with instructions to call or text if the party is getting too loud or causes other issues. Even better, invite them if you feel comfortable enough to do so.

Food and Drinks

Whether you plan a fancy dinner party or just a casual get together with pizza and beer, make sure you plan ahead to have enough food and drinks to last the event. Keep in mind that not every guest will eat and drink the same things you like, so add variety. For example, you might consider providing a vegetarian option, and stock both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Whenever possible, keep it simple so that you can focus on your guests instead of food prep, or consider a caterer or buy pre-prepared food that only requires you to set it out.


Nothing is worse than having enough food, but not having enough supplies to serve it. Always stock up before your event on items like plates, silverware, serving platters and napkins. If possible, save yourself some work and choose disposable items for easy cleanup at the end of the night.

After a long search for apartments in Waukesha, a housewarming party can be just what you need to celebrate finding your new home. So pick up your notepad and start planning the perfect event to show off your place to your friends and family.