Cold Invading Your Apartment? Try These Warm Tips


We know that Wisconsin has its cold, harsh winters, but our apartments are equipped with central heating systems to keep the cold at bay. Morgenson Realty strives to keep all of our tenants warm and cozy. If you still have cold drafts permeating the interior, try a few warming tips to improve your apartment home.

Add Rugs

Some Waukesha apartments come with bare floors, such as linoleum or laminate. Although easy to care for, these floors can be cold through winter. Lay some thick rugs across the floor to insulate the floor’s cold. You can even overlap them to create an exotic appearance of varying textures and colors. Add rugs to existing carpets as well to change the apartment’s aesthetic, preserve the carpet from dirt, and shoe residue.


Although Morgenson Realty properties are consistently maintained with the highest standards, weatherstripping over time can degrade. Look around your apartment and pinpoint any drafty areas. Contact your apartment manager about new stripping. If you would rather do it yourself, notify the manager about the change for future reference. Our residents’ comfort is a number one priority.

Heavy Draperies

Even if your apartment has blinds, you can add heavy draperies to the windows to impede cold air through the windows. Use tension rods within the windows to hang the draperies. The thick cloth stops cold air from moving indoors while retaining any indoor heated air.

Cook Something Yummy

With modern appliances in every apartment, bake some cookies or a complete pot roast to warm the space. An oven naturally radiates heat as it cooks your food. Do not leave the oven on if there is no food within it, however, to avoid overheating the appliance.

Use Removable Draft Guards

Resembling two cushion tubes attached in parallel, place a door draft guard at your front door. These guards stop drafts from moving under the doorway and into the home. Use these after everyone is home for the night to avoid damaging them.

Use a Space Heater

If everyone is confined to the living room to watch a movie, close all adjacent doors and turn on a space heater. These small heaters warm the immediate space around them safely. Many models use timers to shut the heat off if they are left on accidentally.

Warming your apartment home takes some creative thought and possibly help from your apartment manager. Voice any concerns that the manager can fix and use smart apartment alterations to keep warm this winter.