4 Tips On Downsizing From A House To An Apartment

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There comes a time in many people’s lives when downsizing from a house to an apartment is a consideration. Reasons vary; it may be that the last of a couple’s children have left home and they don’t need as much space anymore. A person or couple may simply desire to have a simpler lifestyle with fewer possessions, or maybe it is an interim situation when changing jobs or towns.

Whatever the reason, moving from a house can be a daunting task, and there are some steps you can take to organize the process and have a more stress-free move.

1) Go through your house and decide what is necessary for you to have an enjoyable existence in your new living situation. Over the years, people tend to accumulate a lot of “things,” many of which serve no useful purpose other than taking up space and collecting dust.

2) Go through every shelf, closet, and drawer and clear them out. Put back only things you use on a regular basis – to be packed later – and decide whether to donate, sell, or store the rest.

3) Measure the furniture you will want to keep and appliances you want to move. Your new apartment rooms will have different sizes than in your current home, and you need to know what ‘fits’ prior to the movers showing up.

4) Finally, items you won’t need in your new apartment are tools and devices you needed to take care and maintain your house; mowers, garden tools, snow removal equipment can all go.

Starting out in your new apartment home is a reason to smile. There will be less area to clean, and fewer things to take care of. In your home, you probably felt an ‘obligation’ to fill every nook and cranny, and maybe all that clutter gave you unnecessary tension. Be prepared to let that go!

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