Planning a Move? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help!

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Planning a move to an apartment community in the greater Milwaukee area? One way to make the transition more smooth and less stressful is having good organization. Below are some tips that you can help decrease your frustration when moving to a new place.

Purge Unneeded Items

Before you begin to pack up everything, first go through your belongings and purge any items that you no longer need and do not want to move. If you have a large amount of stuff that you no longer want, consider donating items or organizing a garage sale. The great thing about having a garage sale is that proceeds can go towards your moving expenses.

After you have gotten rid of any extra items, you can move on to the next stage.

Inventory What You Plan to Move to Your New Apartment Home

Create an inventory of your items, especially the valuable ones. By documenting your belongings, you’ll have a way to keep track of the things you don’t want to get lost in the move. When you have an easy system in place to keep track of all of your possessions, you’ll have a calm and organized on moving day.

Get Free or Low Cost Supplies

Instead of rushing out to buy supplies, ask the different grocery stores in your area for any leftover boxes, markers, and other materials they may not need anymore. If you need additional supplies, you can always borrow some items from your friends. Some of the materials you may already have, including newspaper for wrapping delicate items, and household cleaning supplies. The more boxes you have, the more prepared you will be for easy packing and moving.

Color Code Your Boxes

Another way to make your move stress-free is to color code or mark your boxes according to the rooms where they should be delivered. For example, boxes with a red sticker or marking can be designated for the living room, while boxes with blue markings belong in the kitchen. Make sure your movers are aware of your coding system, then they will be able put your belongings in their rightful place. You’ll save a considerable amount of time and effort organizing your new home.

Buy Insurance

You can protect your most valuable possessions, as well as gain peace of mind, by buying insurance. Be sure to ask the insurer what you are guaranteed if any items are broken or damaged in transit to your new apartment home. Also, be prepared to show proof of an item’s value to the insurance agents. This can include photos and receipts from when your items were purchased.

Keep All Important Papers Close

During the move you should keep all of your important papers with you. This especially includes paperwork that cannot easily be replaced, or if lost could be used for identity theft. Your social security card, birth certificate, bank account information, and other sensitive documents should be gathered in one area.

Morgenson is Here to Help

Everyone here at Morgenson Realty takes pride in providing outstanding service to our current and future residents. If you are moving to a Morgenson property in metro Milwaukee and have any questions, such as when you can move, where you can park moving trucks, or what local services are in the area to assist your move, please contact us. We are happy to help.