Why Apartment Living is a Good Investment

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Many people assume that living in an apartment is not as good of an investment as buying a home. However, this is often not the case. Buying a home is actually a liability for many people, while renting a Waukesha apartment is a smart and economical choice. American Homes: An Asset or a Liability? Conventional wisdom tells us that buying …

Beware When Co-signing an Apartment Lease

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Requiring a cosigner when co-signing an apartment lease is a common prerequisite for many property owners, especially if they are concerned about the renter’s credit history or a low salary. Often, young renters or renters with a poor credit history can rent nicer apartments when they have a cosigner to put the landlord at ease. However, if you are considering …

Play it Safe with Renter’s Insurance

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Two weeks before Thanksgiving, a vehicle parked in the driveway of a duplex in Enid, Oklahoma caught fire. The fire spread to some leaves below the car, which blew onto the house, quickly engulfing the home. Both units of the property were completely destroyed, leaving two residents with nothing but the pajamas they were wearing. According to Enid News, the …

Tips to Help You Survive Your Cross Country Move – Part 2

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Continuing from last month, here are some more tips on making the big move… Get Even More Organized: Make To-Do Lists Executing Your Cross Country Move Though this seems rather simplistic, many people regret not having created a to-do list once their move is done. Moving your life and all of your things is nothing to be taken lightly; there are …

Tips to Help You Survive Your Cross Country Move – Part 1

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Everyone goes through changes in their lives, and one of the biggest shifts that a person will ever see is leaving one’s home and moving to another place. Simply moving from one town to the next can lead to a big readjustment, but when moving cross country, a person’s entire world changes. The biggest concern you’ll likely be facing at …

4 Tips On Downsizing From A House To An Apartment

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There comes a time in many people’s lives when downsizing from a house to an apartment is a consideration. Reasons vary; it may be that the last of a couple’s children have left home and they don’t need as much space anymore. A person or couple may simply desire to have a simpler lifestyle with fewer possessions, or maybe it …

Unique Storage Ideas for Cool Apartments

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If you are moving into an apartment, then you may have some concerns about storage. You need to make the most of your available space, but you don’t want to make any permanent changes to the structure. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to add storage without giving up any precious space.

Five Reasons Renting an Apartment Makes Sense

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With the nation’s economy sinking and home values plummeting, you may be questioning whether homeownership is really as smart of a move as people seem to think it is. After all, many homeowners are currently underwater in their mortgages or in the process of having their homes foreclosed upon. As it turns out, renting may be a pretty smart move …

Hosting the Perfect Apartment Housewarming Party

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When you want to share the excitement of your new home with your friends and family, one of the best ways to celebrate is through hosting an apartment housewarming party. While parties take planning and work, especially if this is your first time throwing one, a little preparation goes a long ways towards making the event a memorable one. Invitations …

How To Keep Cool Without Using your Air Conditioner

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Turning off your air conditioner not only saves money, it helps reduce air pollution. There are many simple things that you can do to cool your apartment during the warm summer months without running your AC. For example, do not hold your refrigerator or freezer doors open for long periods of time. The appliance will have to work harder to …